County and National Competition News

Some members just enjoy our social bowling and inter-club friendly matches, but others compete in Worcestershire BA and Bowls England competitions. Read of their exploits below!

WBA Singles

Mark Hussell lost 11-21 to Harvey Griffiths (St.Dunstans BC).

Sheila Payne was forced to give a walk-over to Maddie Burgess (Chester Road BC) because of injury.

WBA Pairs

Peter Hancock & Mark Hussell beat Rob Dawson and partner (Worcester BC) 16-15 after an extra end. They then beat Alan Lerry and partner (St.Dunstans BC) 19-9 in the second round but finally lost 12-15 to the experienced pair of Mark Atkins and Marc Stones (Worcester BC) in the third round.

WBA Triples

Peter Hancock, Mike Bradburn and Mark Hussell won their first round game gainst a triple from Pershore 18-15 but were well beaten (5-23) in the second round by a Barbourne BC triple.

three bowlers in club shirts

Rod Payne, Bill Greenway and Chris Sherriff won a very tight first round match against a triple from Gilt Edge BC - winning 22-19 on the last end. They then faced another triple from Gilt Edge in the second round, recording a 14-12 win and in the third round won comfortably 19-6.

In the following round - the semil final - they played Matt Taylor, Dickie Banks and Keith Alders from Vines Park BC. Lilleshall led most of the game, but went behind by two with three ends to go. However they picked up a three on the penultimate end to lead by two going into the last end - just needing second wood for the win. The opposing skip had played well throughout the game, particularly with good running bowls, but with one wood to play Vines Park held shot but Lilleshall held 4 seconds. He ran at the head but connected with his own wood shuffling the pack a little and Lilleshall ended up with a further three on the card.

They unfortunately fell at the last hurdle in the final at Gilt Edge BC, losing 14-19 to Martin Griffiths, Jimmy Keegan and Mark Atkins (Worcester BC) - a disastrous seven on one end putting the game too far out of reach.

WBA Mixed Fours

four bowlers in club shirts with officer in a blazer

Sheila & Rod Payne and Deb & Chris Sherriff were successful in the quarter final played at Gilt Edge (this was their first match, having had a bye in the previous round). The opposition from Bredon BC took an early lead which they maintained until the fifteenth end when our team secured a narrow advantage. Going into the last end Lilleshall were 15-12 up. The opposition were holding two with a measure for third as their skip bowled his last wood, but he unluckily turned our closest wood in for shot.

The team won their semi-final in dramatic fashion after a poor start which saw them 0-7 down after just two ends. They fought back to 5-7, only to drop another four! They hung on tenaciously and went into the last end 18-20 down, at which point our 'on-the-spot' reporter (Deb) takes up the story ...

'Our lead (Rod) drew the shot, their two drew shot, our two (Deb) trailed the Jack to leave it off-centre though still one down, then our three (Sheila) drew shot, their three (who had played very well all match) couldn't find the line and then our skip (Chris) drew two more shots so we held game. We all held our breath as the opposing skip played his last wood which went through the head so we were victorious! '

The four played their final against a four from St Dunstan's BC at Gilt Edge BC on Sunday 21 August. Our team dropped behind early on, came back to draw level, then dropped 5. They came back strongly again and led 14-13 going into the last end. The opposition moved the jack back for them to lay 5. Chris managed to get third wood but couldn't improve the situation, resulting in a loss by the closest of margins (14-15).

WBA Champion of Champions (ladies)

Sheila Payne was beaten by Maddie Burgess (Chester Road BC).

BE Top Club (men)

Lilleshall were awarded a first round walk-over as Pershore were unable to field a team. Sadly we suffered the same fate for the next round and were forced to concede to Hewell BC.

BE Double Rinks (men)

Lilleshall lost narrowly 28-32 at home to Overbury BC.

BE Mixed Four

Chris & Debs Sheriff and Rod & Sheila Payne played their first round game at home against a team from Bredon. They peaked early, scoring a single on the first end, but then fell behind and found themselves 1-9 down before starting to pull back.

After 16 of the 18 ends the score was level at 16-16. A single put Lilleshall into the lead and good play in the final end saw them holding three. They held their breaths expecting a destructive bowl from the opposition skip, but he tried to draw and finished just short, giving Lilleshall the win 20-16.

Unfortunately they lost their next game against a four from Broadway BC 14 - 17. They started with a two, then slumped to 2 - 9 down before rallying and leading 13 - 10 after thirteen ends. Singles were traded and they were two shots up with two ends to play, but dropped a disastrous three on the seventeenth end, meaning the final end had to be won and, sadly, it wasn't.

BE Mixed Pairs

Rod & Sheila Payne travelled to St.Dunstans on 15 May for their first round match against Judy Drewer and partner. In a tight game they were unlicky to lose on an extra end!

Debs & Chris Sherriff won their first round match 21-11 away at Bredon BC.

Debs & Chris also won their second game at Pershore BC in an enjoyable and closely fought game. A 5 on the fifth end provided a cushion which the opponents were unable to overturn, though coming close, with the final score 13-12. Chris & Debs will be away at Gilt Edge for the next round.

BE Senior Pairs

After a walkover in the preliminatry round Chris Sherriff and Bill Greenway won their first round match against a pair of well respected Middleton Cup players from Worcester BC. At 6-13 down with only four ends to play they were close to throwing in the towel, but instead turned the match around to win 15-14!

The match turned on the 15th end when, sitting three or more shots down, Bill asked Chris to trail the jack to their 3 back woods - and he did!

They then won their next round match with a comfortable 21-9 score away against Alan Lerry and partner (St Dunstans BC).

The following game was the regional quarter-final played away against Mark Sandoz and partner (Gilt Edge BC), where they secured a close 20-19 win. Going into the 14th end, they were 7-16 down and, following a two shot win on this end, Bill took the mat up which seemed to throw their opponents.

Their semi-final was played at home against Martin Griffiths and partner (Worcester BC), where they recorded a resounding 22-3 win with the opposition conceding after 12 ends. Both Chris and Bill played well, frustrating the opponents with their accuracy.

They then moved onto the regional final (on a neutral green at Weobley and District BC) against a pair from the Herefordshire side of the draw. Their opponents established an early lead, but Bill & Chris held their nerve and fought back for a 16-13 win.

Under 'normal' circumstances the winners of the regional final would progress to the National Finals at Leamington. However, with the Finals time restricted because of the Commonwealth Games there were two additional area rounds to reduce the remaining 32 pairs to just 8 competing at Leamington. On 6 august Chris & Bill travelled to Ilminster in Somerset, where they faced opponents from Dorset. The score was close throughout the match until the last three ends when the opponents pulled away, Chris & Bill losing 11-19.

BE Senior Singles

Chris Sherriff won his first round match against James McDonald from Hewell BC, recovering from 6-12 down to win 21-16. Unfortunately he was beaten 19-21 in his next game by Steve Poyner (Vines Park BC).

Rod Payne was beaten in his first round match at home against Mark Atkins (Worcester BC)

BE Mixed Pairs

Rod & Sheila Payne lost narrowly (15-16) in the first round to Judy Drewer & partner (St.Dunstan's BC).

Chris & Debs Sherriff won their preliminary round match against Trevor Clark (Bredon BC) 21-11 and their first round match against Bethany Morgan (Pershore BC) 13-12. They lost 17-19 in the second round against Chris Lane & partner (Gilt Edge BC).

BE Family Pairs

Rod and Sheila Payne won their first game against Izzy & Wayne White (Chester Road BC) 24-16. They started well, leading 14-1 after six ends, but then slumped and dropped six consecutive ends before fighting back. The lost in the second round to Grant & Maddie Burgess (Chester Road BC). (Grant is the National 0ver 55 singles champion).

BE Tony Allcock Trophy (two mixed rinks)

Lilleshall travelled down to Pershore for their first-round match, but were well beaten and we wish our victors all the best for the next round.

BE Champion of Champions

Sheila Payne won her first round match 21-19 against Kay Butler (St.Dunstan's BC) but lost in the second round to Izzy White (Chester Road BC). No disgrace there - Izzy was the 2018 national junior champion and Bowls England Junior Women's Bowler of the Year!


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