County and National Competition News - 2023

Some members just enjoy our social bowling and inter-club friendly matches, but others compete in Worcestershire BA and Bowls England competitions. Read of their exploits below!

BE Double Rinks (men)

Lilleshall lost 27 - 31 to Chester Road BC.

BE Mixed Pairs

Unfortunately Rod & Sheila Payne were forced to concede their game against a pair from Droitwich Spa BC due to ill health.

BE Ladies Champion of Champions

Our ladies champion, Deb Sherriff, faced a tough draw against experienced bowler Joan Parfitt away at Broadway BC. Deb led for much of the match but was unlucky to lose 20-21 in a tight match which lasted 24 ends.

BE Men's Champion of Champions (22 May)

Chris Sherriff lost 13 - 21 (away) to Alan Griffiths (St.Dunstan's BC).

BE Tony Allcock Trophy (22 May)

Lilleshall lost (away) to a strong team from Barbourne BC.

BE Senior Singles (men) (27 May)

Chris Sherriff had a comfortable 21-7 home win against Howard Benham of Overbury BC. Unfortunately he was then beaten 7 - 21 by twice National over-55 Champion Grant Burgess (Chester Road BC).

BE Senior Pairs (ladies) (21 July)

Sheila Payne & Deb Sherriff had a comfortable 32 - 10 home win against Christine Bearcroft & partner (Evesham BC).

They next played Sheila's good friend (and adversary), England international Sue Davies & Helen Simmonds at Lilleshall. A tight game finished all square at 14 - 14 after eighteen ends. In the extra end Deb put up a full-length jack, for the first time in the game! Sheila faced shots down but drew a close bowl and then one closer still. Sue responded well but couldn't shift Sheila's bowls, Deb & Sheila running out 16 - 14 winners.

In the regional semi-final Deb & Sheila faced Judy Howell & Alison Cartwright (Pershore BC) at home. They pulled out to a 7-1 lead, helped by a four on the third end, but were reigned in and the score was 7-7 after seven ends. Again they pulled away to 10-7 but their opponents responded and after 12 ends were in front (10-12). Our ladies tightened their game, a three recovered the lead and three further singles, the last on a tight measure, took them to 16-12 up with just two ends to go. Judy & Alison scored a single on another measure on end 17, meaning Deb & Sheila only had to avoid dropping a three on the last end, which they managed, scoring a single on yet another measure.

Sadly they lost 14 - 19 to Sandra Pritchard & partner (St.Martin's, Herefordshire) in the area final.

BE Family Pairs (15 June)

Deb & Chris Sherriff travelled to Worcester BC to play Nadine & Mark Atkins. After a slow start they came good and notched an 18 - 11 win after 17 ends. They lost 8 - 19 in the next round to Allan & Harvey Griffiths (St.Dunstan's BC).

Sheila & Rod Payne were beaten 13 - 18 by Jack & Andy Cook (Worcester BC).

WBA Men's 2-wood Singles (9 July)

Mark Hussell and Chris Sherriff took part in this single day competition. Both won their first round matches, Mark beating Dave Pullen of Manor Park BC 16 - 10 and Chris beating experienced Middleton Cup bowler Glenn Weaver (Gilt Edge BC) 18 - 7. Mark lost in the second round to Chris Barton (Vines Park BC) 13 - 16, but Chris continued his success with a 13 - 6 win over Steve Parker (Worcester BC). Chris finally succumbed 7 - 16 in the quarter final to Dan Mason (Overbury BC).

WBA Ladies Champion of Champions *** UPDATED 31 July ***

After her narrow loss in the BE CofC competition Deb had a successful 21-11 win against Pam Farman of Evesham, played at Gilt Edge BC. Both of Deb's first round opponents play for Worcestershire Ladies in the John's and Walker Cup squads.

In her next game Deb beat Linda Smith (Hewell BC) 21 - 13 on a fast & swingy green at Gilt Edge BC.

In the semi-final Deb played Alison Cartwright (Pershore BC). A disastrous start, including dropping two 4s, saw Deb 2 - 11 down, but she fought back to 11 - 11. At 18 - 20 Alison was lying game. Deb had a toucher in the ditch and with her last bowl trailed the jack for the three shots needed!

Deb played the final against Izzie White (Chester Road BC) at St.Dunstan's BC on Sunday 30 July and lost 21 - 12. The rink was tricky with over 2 yards difference in weight between the two directions of play. Although Deb battled hard, saving shots on several ends, it was insufficient against an under 25s England international and one of the top lady players in Worcestershire.

WBA Ladies Singles (10 June)

Sheila Payne recorded a 21 - 13 win against Judy Drewer (St.Dunstan's BC) in the first round match played on a very fast green at Gilt Edge BC. She then recorded a 21 - 11 win against Lorna Hill of Hewell BC.

Unfortunately Sheila was beaten 12 - 21 in the quarter final by Sue Davies (Broadway BC).

WBA Ladies Pairs (27 June)

Sheila Payne & Deb Sherriff played the preliminary round of the ladies county pairs at Gilt Edge against Sheila Williams & Linda Davies (Hewell BC), winning 33 - 8 with a couple of ends to spare.

They succumbed to Stephanie Greenwell & partner (Hewell BC) in the next round, dropping to a 1 - 11 deficit on a tricky rink. They recovered to within two shots, but eventually lost 14 - 19.

WBA Mens Singles (21 June)

Mark Hussell beat Bill Heath (Evesham BC) 21 - 6 in a "home" match played at Evesham. He then had a fantastic 21 - 20 win against Jim Collins of Vines Park BC - in a "home" game which Mark agreed to play at Vines Park.

Unfortunately Mark lost his next game to seasoned Middleton Cup player Peter Hancox (Hewell BC).

Chris Sherriff beat Marc Stones (Worcester BC) 21 - 12, despite dropping to an initial 0 - 6 deficit. He was beaten 8 - 21 in the next round by Richard Moule of Vines Park BC, who happened to be his skip in the recent Middleton Cup game where Worcestershire beat Cornwall 143 - 96. By chance, Peter Hancox played three on that rink!

WBA Pairs (men) (30 May)

Having been unlucky to draw the only preliminary match in the country pairs competition Peter Hancock and Mark Hussell scored a 19-12 win over Alan Lerry & Dave Mitchell (St.Dunstan's BC) in a 'home' game played at Worcester BC.

Peter & Mark then won their first round 'home' game 16 - 10 against Glen Weaver & Neil Clarke (Gilt Edge BC) played at Worcester BC. Unfortunately they then lost 14 - 21 to John Oliver & partner (Broadway BC) in another 'home' game played at Worcester BC.

Bill Greenway and Chris Sherriff lost by one shot to Derek Bond & Andy Field (Reddich BC) in a game played at Gilt Edge BC.

Alan Harvey & Rod Payne lost 13 - 17 away at Worcester BC.

WBA Senior Pairs (men) (27 June)

Rod Payne & Bill Greenway lost at Hewell BC to R.Clarke & partner.

WBA Triples (men) (26 May)

Lilleshall's triple of Alan Harvey, Peter Hancock and Mark Hussell won their first round match 18-16 against Richard Woodward & team (Bredon BC) in a 'home' game played at Worcester BC

Sadly they were beaten in the next round 10 - 18 by Simon Jones, Dean Hemming & Rob Stanley (Worcester BC).

WBA Fours (men) (9 June)

Lilleshall's four of Rod Payne, Mark Hussell, Bill Greenway and Chris Sherriff won their first round match 20 - 14 against C.Bates & team (Gilt Edge BC), despite having been 6 - 12 down at one point.

Unfortunately they lost their second game 11 - 21 against T.Mayall & team (Chester Road BC).

WBA Senior Fours (men) (5 July)

Lilleshall's four (Rod Payne, Alan Harvey, Bill Greenway & Chris Sherriff) won their home game against B.Moreton & team (Gilt Edge BC) 20 - 13. They started well and built up a 15 - 4 lead, but were pegged back to 16 - 10 before closing out the game. Unfortunately they lost 12 - 22 to Mark Sandoz & team (Gilt Edge BC) in the next round.


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