Ladies -v- Gentlemen

Ladies-v-Gents Trophy

The trophy, made by club member Quentin Smith, is veneered with rosewood and incorporates a marquetry logo in beech and maple. The brass pillars were originally intended to hold business cards on a desk tidy, but have been used to retain the moveable back-piece with marquetry "jack", which allows the jack to be positioned by the figure representing the most recent winners. The figures are standard trophy mounts (with the lady wearing a non-approved pleated skirt!) The photo was taken after the first competition, with the ladies having the jack.


2002 - Ladies won by 4 shots
2003 - Gentlemen won by 29 shots
2004 - Gentlemen won by 26 shots
2005 - Gentlemen won by an unrecorded (but modest) margin
2006 - Gentlemen won by 45 shots (the swines!)
2008 - Gentlemen won by 12 shots
2009 - Gentlemen won by 13 shots
2010 - Gentlemen won by 9 shots
2011 - Gentlemen won by 13 shots
2013 - Gentlemen won by 26 shots
2014 - Gentlemen won by 7 shots
2018 - Ladies won by 5 shots
2021 - Ladies won by 3 shots
2022 - Gentlemen won by 2 shots

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