Isle of Wight Tour

bowlers assembled for team photograph

The Happy Tourists

Between 1997 and 2008 the Club enjoyed annual tours to various destinations, but after that there were no further tours until Vice-Captain Bill Greenway took on the task of planning a tour for 2023. A party of 34, including friends from St.Michael's BC and Guilsfield BC, spent four nights away on the Isle of Wight, taking in five matches and generally having a splendid time.

President Kath contrived to present the losing rink each day with rubber ducks, which had to be carried at all times, lest a fine became due. Winning rinks received engraved medals.

We were transported in comfort thanks to our regular driver Gerry, and stand-in Mick, from Wight Coaches and enjoyed comfortable rooms and great food at the Trouville Hotel in Sandown.

Some tour traditions were revived, with new tourists being encouraged to join in singing the great Fred Wedlock song "The Vicar & the Frog" - with actions - and "the Bard" coming out of retirement to pen a new tour ode, which you can read here.

Four games resulted in comfortable wins for Lilleshall, but the Plessey game was really tightly contested. Each club won on three rinks, with the seventh rink tied. Our best rink won by 5, their best rink won by 10 and there were only eight shots in the game across seven rinks.


Played 5, Won 4, Drawn 0, Lost 1, Cumulative shot difference + 199

13 August - Sandown BC - Won 134 - 95 (+ 39)
14 August - Cowes Medina BC - Won 167 - 100 (+ 67)
15 August - Totland Bay BC - Won 134 - 101 (+ 33)
16 August - Plessey BC - Lost 102 - 110 (- 8)
17 August - Newport BC - Won - 163 - 95 (+ 68)

Cumulative Tour Record

Results from all tours since 1998!

Played 50, Won 36, Drawn 0, Lost 4, For 6376, Against 5419, Shot Difference + 957

four bowlers holding small rubber ducks Captain Sheila presenting the host club captain with one of our 'jack in the box' jack holders bowlers sitting in their coach ferry at the dock four bowlers holding small rubber ducks Seaside hotel front four bowlers holding small rubber ducks part of bowls green with impressive building behind Bath with water, a pair of feet and a floating rubber duck man in bed asleep with a rubber duck on his chest four bowlers holding small rubber ducks Bowlders assembled for team photograph

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