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  • Oak Tree Falls (December 2021, updated February 2022)
  • A further update. A lot of the smaller branches have been cleared away, but the larger ones and the main trunk are still awaiting heavy lifting gear.

    Avonmore Associates have visited and replaced the damaged sections of ditch lining. They have also prepared a small trench around the green which, accompanied by a stronger adhesive, will allow the ditch covering fabric to be firmly attached and avoid the previous problems with it coming loose.

    The Centre ground staff have been busy both repairing and re-seeding the damaged areas of the green surface and also trimming back some of the shrubbery (principally rhododendrons) which surround some edges of the green. This should improve light and ventilation and thus help grass growth and prevent disease. (Pictures by Mike Caird)

    fallen tree bowling green ditch Pruned shrubs Pruned shrubs Pruned shrubs Pruned shrubs


    Second Previous Report -

    An update on the tree, now some of the smaller branches have been cleared up. There are a few holes in the green and a couple of the concrete ditch sections have been damaged - but it could have been a lot worse! (Pictures by Mike Caird)

    fallen tree fallen tree fallen tree


    Previous Report -

    The outlook from the clubhouse has taken a dramatic change as a result of Storm Arwen. The lovely old oak tree between the green and the main house fell victim to the storm over the weekend of 27/28 November.

    Jokingly referred to as the Club's first changing room ("ladies one side, gentlemen the other") the tree was a major feature of the view which we shall miss, although we won't miss clearing away the acorns before play!

    fallen tree fallen tree fallen tree GB Olympic Gymnasts in front of the tree



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  • 2-4-2 League Results (October 2020)
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  • Season Finally Opens (June 2020)

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