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  • Yardstick Competition (April 2024)
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    The 2024 bowls season got underway at Lilleshall Hall Bowls Club on Saturday with a thrilling one-day competition, the 'Yardstick' challenge for the Valerie Smith Memorial Trophy. Thirteen enthusiastic members took to the green for a day of friendly rivalry.

    The format saw bowlers contest six rounds of three ends on each of the club's six rinks. Players strategically used three bowls each end, striving for closest proximity to the jack. The competition flowed smoothly, with refreshments keeping spirits high at halftime. To add a twist, an extra bowl was introduced for the remaining three rounds, testing the bowlers' adaptability.

    While some competitors initially struggled to adjust to the green's pace, others quickly found their rhythm, peppering the jack with impressive accuracy. Emerging victorious in the ladies' category was newcomer Theresa Hancock, who garnered a commendable 36 points. Mark Hussell stole the show on the men's side, securing the top spot with a score of 47 points. Club Treasurer Mike Caird proudly presented the Valerie Smith Memorial Trophy to the delighted winners.

    The 'Yardstick' competition marked a successful start to the season for Lilleshall Hall Bowls Club, fostering a spirit of friendly competition and camaraderie among members. With the bowling green in top condition and enthusiasm high, the club looks forward to a prosperous season of competitive play. (Report & photo by Alan Harvey)

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